Friday, April 11, 2014

Fashion For Men : Modelled By Studio-Based Newscasters

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Check any television station during its news time.  See the similarity?  All male studio-based newsman wears a custom suit!   Now, take extra attention to the design.  You may check this out with other stations or on the next day’s news edition.  Have you observed how they rarely, if not never, repeat the same custom suit?

This is a fact for all media people appearing on national television regularly.  From make-up to custom suit, they are sponsored by many business establishments.  This is evidenced by the acknowledgement section at the end of each show or the companies they thank during the show.

If you ask me, studio-based male newscasters are the right models for menfashion.  Advertising through popular media personalities and high rated shows guarantee a wide advertising exposure.  And as there are many of these men with different body built, a clothing company can surely get media mileage for their new designs.

But why do male newscasters always wearsuits? In highly developed and first world countries, suits are their normal working clothes.  It is also perfect for the climate in their country.  Taking a quick look at the history of suits, you’ll find them of British origin.

In other countries, though not a traditional formal attire for them, they wear suits to add credibility to their profession.  And even if the country may be tropically warm, offices maintain a certain degree of cool temperature.  The low temperature is for the proper maintenance of the various machines used.

Formal fashion for men is synonymous to wearing suits.  Men in suits exude a certain degree of power which demands the highest form of respect.  Worn by a man with good physique, like the famous James Bond character, it also has the power to radiate with sex appeal.

Most fashion shows, anywhere in the world, focus on women fashion.  Men fashion is included in such shows but remain a minor event.  Though not as prevalent as women fashion, fashion for men clothing had undergone a gradual change through the centuries.

But fashion is not limited to formal wear.  With the relentless creativity of designers all over the world, fashion covers almost all locations and occasions.  The usual weather dictated clothing had widened its horizon to cover fashion on occasions.  Come to think about it, there is not much difference between women and men fashion.  Fashion, be it for men, women or children, remains the latest news for the day.

Monday, April 7, 2014

International T-shirt Day Celebration

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Are you aware of this? There really is an International T-Shirt Day observed annually worldwide! This special day was created in 2008 and had been religiously observed each year. Each annual event is marked by an increase in the participation of key cities in different countries each year.

The International T-Shirt Day is always observed on the 21st day of June annually. 2014 marks its seventh annual celebration on June 21, a Saturday. Falling on a weekend, this year’s observance anticipates more participation and support from various companies in the men’s fashion niche.

The date chosen for this event is the usually the day which ushers the summer season and the longest day in the year. This is to ensure a fun observance and wide participation from T-shirt lovers, designers, brands, companies and manufacturers globally. Needless to say, summer is the best time to wear tee-shirts to school, work or at home.

2014 encourages expression, through the tee-shirts worn, of the person’s personality and beliefs. This continues the 2013 theme, “My Shirt, My Voice,” where tee-shirts are speak for its wearer. It also supports the belief that there is always a story behind every tee-shirt designed, bought or worn.

Consequently, the tee-shirt is at the gateway of becoming a personalize clothing and a statement of fashion for the individual wearing it. Thus, 2013 marked the change in the tee-shirt which is considered ready-to-wear and inexpensive clothing. International activities undertaken include:

  • Competitions on tee-shirt design;
  • Events organized in Boston, Berlin, Oslo, Kiev, Prague, New York, Zwolle, Manchester, Barcelona, Greensburg, and Leipzig;
  • Blog safari;
  • Open runways or catwalks open for all who wants to model their favourite tee-shirt or t-shirt collection;
  • Online events, campaigns and giveaways;
  • Tee-shirt day parties;
  • Tee-shirt swapping;
  • Donating tee-shirts;
  • Clothesline with tee-shirt display at parks;
  • Open houses sponsored by men’s fashion retailers;
  • Tee-shirt markets in public parks;
  • Participation in social media through articles of love for tee-shirts and tee-shirt stories;
  • Do-it-yourself events and gatherings;
  • Availing of tool kits for the special day;
  • Wearing tee-shirt the whole day;
  • Contribute photos and videos on the spectacular day’s festivities; and,
  • Promotion of tee-shirt brands and companies engaged in men’s fashion.

In 2015, International T-Shirt Day will be on June 21, 2015, a Sunday. If you can’t catch this year’s festivities, being just three months away, you can always start preparing for the next year’s event! So get that paper and pen, and start designing your unique tee-shirts!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tuxedo Day Celebration

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A day to give a toast to a sartorial creation is celebrated every year on the tenth day of October in the United States of America. The date commemorates the day in 1886 when tuxedo had its debut in New York City. The first American tuxedo was created by Griswold Lorillard of Tuxedo Park.

There is no official record found documenting the origins and purpose of this special day. It can be simply deduced that it may had been created as a marketing tool for the continued promotion of the clothing industry. As to its purpose, it may serve as a constant reminder of the tuxedo’s contribution to the rich cultural American history.

The tuxedo is a formal wear suitable for ceremonial social occasions, such as weddings, debutante cotillion, races,formal garden events, prescribed dinners and decorous festivities. The Western elegance of formal wear, characterized by black and white garments, has gained wide acceptance in many countries.

Formal clothing has become the standard proper social attire in countries with no prescribed national clothes. The conventional dress in the evening is white tie for men. In the United Kingdom, morning clothing is the standard prescribed day time clothing. The lounge suit, of British origins, remains categorized as the casual attire.

On the other hand, morning clothes are rare in the United States of America and Canada. It had been substituted by the stroller, lounge and business suit. It is, however, comforting to note that morning dresses remain in Europe, Japan and Australia. The suggested observance of the annual Tuxedo Day may vary depending on the country and lifestyle of a person.

The general observance consists of:
  • Buying a new tuxedo for yourself or as a gift to a loved one;
  • Attending events where attendance requires formal wear;
  • Window shopping to be updated on the latest tuxedo trends;
  • Having a tuxedo altered to be in line with the latest style;
  • Sending eCards to friends reminding them of the event;
  • Helping in the promotion of the special day through the various multimedia sites;
  • Creating unique tuxedo design for a future formal event;
  • Hosting a dinner party requiring a formal dress code;
  • Organizing a weekend race with family and friends; or,
  • Learning more on the history and development of tuxedo.

Tuxedo Day will be celebrating on October 10, 2014, a Friday. With more than six months preparation time, think of your own special way to celebrate this event.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lesson For The Boys : Treasure Her

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Every girl is special in her own little ways. She has mannerisms, there are words you can only hear from her and there are things that only she can do. Women are made amazingly by God and all of them should be respected. All of them should be taken care of because they are very fragile that even a word can break their heart. Though they are fragile, they always manage to be strong whenever facing circumstances. They always manage to smile even if everything is turning wrong. And they can say positive things even if everything that is happening to them makes them feel too much pain inside.

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                When she says she loves you, she really does. And she looks forward on the days that there will be something special between the two of you. She'll never ask you to be perfect, she'll never require you to be with her the whole time, she'll never ask you to buy her stuff and she will not ask you to take her places too far. What she will expect from you is to accept her imperfections perfectly so that things would work out, even if you have limited time together, she wants every seconds spent with you memorable having memories that will forever stay in your hearts. You should remember that material things are good but efforts will always be better. Take her somewhere expensive while you have your mind floating elsewhere - that cannot beat the happiness she will feel if you take her to a simple place assuring her that all time spent is worth it. Whenever you ask her out, believe me she spends minutes in front of the mirror trying to find the perfect outfit, trying to wear something that you would appreciate, trying to look her best. When you see her, try to find time to compliment her. Regardless of the style of the clothing she’s wearing, whether she is wearing a formal wear or a dress or a simple shirt, she took some time to think if she is wearing the right outfit.

                Treasure her while she is there, never do something that will break her heart because she can play stupid for awhile and stay with you but when she realize what you did, she’ll dump you eventually. Never tell lies as she will definitely believe you. She trusts you even if it breaks her heart and never make her expect because disappointments will deeply hurt her. Treasure her when because you will definitely miss her when she’s gone.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Trust Unconditionally : How to Build Trust?

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Things happen unexpectedly. The person you least expect to make fun of you can do it. Actually, everybody is capable of. You have to be ready to accept the unexpected things and embrace them with your whole heart. For example, a t-shirt being ripped, you cannot put it back to its original look. You can stitch the damage but the marks of the thread as it fixes the broken shirt is still visible. Similar to trust , when its broken, its somehow impossible to put it back to its original strength. As we all know, trust is essential to every relationship we may or will have in our lives.

Love without trust is like working in the office with a partner that once committed a crime in his past work. Yes you’ll always want to give him the second chance everyone deserves, however, the fear that he might do the same crime again may stop you from doing so. He might cause you trouble so you’d rather not have him. But I guess pushing the robber away of something did wrong that destroyed his reputation won't help. Instead you can just stay with him all day in the office , still being cautious of what he can do  and helping him control himself. Let him gain your trust again, let him prove his worth, let him make you see how he can change himself for the betterment of everything. All of us commits or does things we did not think about, that's why we end up having regrets. We end up hopping that we did not do what we did. But is it really too late to make things right? Yes we can't change what already happened but we can make today and tomorrow much more meaningful, making the past insignificant. Our past is there to be a reminder that we should not do the same mistakes again. Having the worst past doesn’t give you the right to play with the people in your present’s feelings neither should it take away from you the right to be happy just because you’re scared. Forget about the past , live happily your present and plan accordingly your future.

The shirt with the stitch will not look as good as new but if we really love that shirt, we can work things out. We can do something to make it presentable even with the mark of it being broken. Maybe broken trusts can still be repaired after all. Maybe the needle and thread that will be used to fix it is called time and space in the real world. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fashion and Style : What it really means?

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Fashion Trend
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The only permanent thing in this world is change. Your choice of music changes, your favorite color, favorite food and your choice of clothes also change. And most of the time, these changes are beyond our control. A concrete example of a constant changing thing in the world is fashion trend. Skinny jeans, high waisted shorts, skater skirts ,animal printed clothes, floral blouses, loose tops and a lot more. It’s actually not a requirement to follow what is trending in the market because we can always have our own style. Can you just imagine how a place will look so funny if all the people in it has the same kind of clothes? It’s still better to have a unique style of dressing up.

Why would you force yourself to wear things that doesn't really describe who you are? To be part of a group? Or to avoid being judged?  Wrong reasons people have. The community wont hate you just because you don’t blend in well in the fad neither will they push you away because you have a weird fashion statement. Not because you wear the same kind of clothes necessarily means that you’re accepted by the community. It's still about the attitude and personality you have. Just like in a group of friends. You’d choose to have real unfashionable people around you than to have the greatest Fashionista's who are fake in personality. Imagine someone wearing a miniskirt where she has to sit properly the whole time when she was used to wearing jeans where she can sit comfortably all day long or a young lady trying her best to walk with a 5 inched heel when all she uses everyday is a flat snickers. Loving who you are and being yourself is the essential key for having the greatest fashion of them all.

Brand, color, style, price things people consider when looking at clothes but what is important when it comes to clothes is having a great interest in a particular style and love what you wear. Basically, this is called Passion. We should love what we wear, we should know what we want and we should have the guts to show the world who we really are through the clothes we wear, clothes to express what we actually feel everyday and we can know a person based on how she carries or wears different apparels of clothes. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Things to Know Before the SALE Shopping Galore

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Is it the end of season sale again? Red tags and additional discounts are on the racks, “Up to 70% off” and “Buy two for the price of one” signs on display windows? Yes, I know all of these make you go giddy but you have to remember that you also have to be wise in buying sale items. Sale gives you all the right to become an impulse buyer and instead of getting a good deal, you are not maximizing your buying capacity. So here's some things you want to know before going into shopping spree:

Your first choice may not be the best choice.

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Give time to look around. If you found a nice white shirt in a store at 30% discount, do not settle easily. Just put it in mind and check another store or two. The more the basic the item is, the more stores you have to check. You might find a buy one take one for that white shirt or even a 70% off.

Double check items to be purchased.

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Wear and tear of these items for sale started the day they were placed in the “New Arrival” rack. At the end of the season, many buyers have set their hands on the same item and have actually tried them on. With that, check the seams of the clothing item, most especially under the arm, buttons and shoulder. These seams might be loose and would require additional cost in for repair. Do this most especially in stores that don’t have a return policy for sale items and for stores that all stocks are out in the display stand.

Set a limit.

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Just like playing stocks, you should have a cut loss and take profit policy in shopping, most especially when it’s the sale season. Make an initial list before going to the red-tag sale and set a budget as to how much you are willing to pay for each item. Do not bring all your cash or credit cards. Work within your budget.

Freebies are sometimes the devil.

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Buy three pairs of suits and get a limited edition jacket for FREE!” You see this sign and you badly want that limited edition jacket. So you start to convince yourself that you need the suits so that you can have that jacket. You end up spending thousands of dollars for the freebie. You don’t cut yourself so that you can have the adhesive bandage. Yes, you have done this once in your life and do not let the freebies fool you again.

These retails stores hire marketing people to think of ways to entice people like you to go in their shops and make you grab something and line up in the cashier. Don’t make their lives easy. Think before opening your wallet. Even on sale season, SHOP WISELY!

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