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Formal or Casual Accessory Style Guide : Watch your watch

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Wrist Watch
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If there is a wear-only-one-accessory rule for men, a watch should be on top of your priority list. In the corporate setting, both men and women, watch is a necessary accessory. For decades now, it has gone past the functionality but more of aesthetics. Nowadays people have mobile phones and could always check on it for time but a watch just has to be present. It discreetly tell something about a person, how he/she matches the watch he/she wears to the outfit. In this materialistic world, sometimes you are judged by what you wear and a watch is a big indication of how much your disposable income is and relates it to your success and credibility. So in buying a watch you have to look into certain details.

1. Strap or Bracelet

Strap Watch
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Straps comes in different materials such as leather, steel and rubber and in different colors or shades such as black or brown leather, silver stainless steel, gold or two tone, or wide selection of colored rubber straps. But if you are purchasing your first watch, a watch with a silver stainless steel bracelet is practical to have compared to leather strapped ones. It is long lasting and adaptable to wide range of attire. There are dressed silver watches that are simple and elegant enough to match a formal suit or a casual shirt and jeans look. If your budget permits, a leather strapped dress watch is advisable to give variety as it can also be worn for certain formal and casual occasions. Make sure you wear the strap correctly that it fits comfortably and doesn’t move loosely when you move your hand.

2. Face Size and Design

Face Size Watch
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Today, watches with big face are so trendy and sleek looking that even women also consider watches with masculine style on their wrist. Most especially for bigger men, do not go for a small faced watch as it makes you look bigger. Minimum size would be a 40mm and could go as high as 47mm depending on how it looks on you. The case of a watch varies but popular choice for formal wear is circular or rectangular. For a more durable kind, opt for a watch crystal that is made of Synthetic sapphire or mineral glass for its scratch proof quality. As for watches with chronograph face, it is widely used even in formal steel and leather strapped watches. It has now become accepted to be worn in formal and casual outfits.

Digital Watch
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3. Analog or Digital

Only a sports watch is advised to come in digital. It is generally accepted that an analog watch fits a suit, a dress shirt or anything with collar and not a digital watch. A classic choice would be an analog watch for both formal and casual outfits. A built-in illumination on the watch hands is a plus.


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