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5W’s and 1H in Buying Suits

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In the financial equation, your suits fall into your assets. It doesn't matter whether you purchased it using equity or debt. What matters is that you make the most out of the money you spend for that investment piece. Here’s a shotgun 5W’s and H in buying suits:


Need a suit in three months’ time for your best buddy’s wedding? Or a formal outfit for your company’s foundation day event scheduled in three weeks’ time? It is important that you consider time and when you need the suit. If you have at least two months, you may opt for a bespoke suit. Otherwise, buy from a department store a pre-made one and have it tailored based on your measurement.

Why are you buying a suit? If your answer is for special occasions like weddings and company events and would wear it maximum of once a month, choosing a dark shade of grey or a solid black is never a gamble. If you plan to use it as work wardrobe or uniform, a classic navy single button suit that is not too pricey is a good choice.

Who should you trust in buying a suit? Beware of sales persons who throws away compliments to their products in store to be able to seal a deal. Do your own research. Ask colleagues and read reviews of brands you're interested in.

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Where to look for a suit? Start at the nearest department store. Be suit-fitting ready and wear a dress shirt and shoes. Try fitting different designs and colors and fit the two piece suit – jacket and pants. Find a whole length mirror and assess how it looks on you. Bring a friend to help you decide.

What should you consider in buying a suit? It should fit you! You should effortlessly be able to close the jacket buttons. Just the right fit that it comfortably hugs your body. Space in between your chest and the buttons should not be more than 2 inches. The jacket’s shoulder pads should not overhang your frame. Test this by leaning against a wall sideways. You’ll know that it’s the right fit if your shoulders hit the wall first before the shoulder pads. For the length, especially the arms length, the “cupped fingers” technique is widely used. Then again, newer styles of jackets feature shorter sleeves that cover about an inch of your shirtsleeve cuff.
Suit Alteration
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How will you alter-to-fit? Only a bespoke suit is perfect, otherwise, you really have to bring it a tailor for alteration. Normally the pants, jacket sleeve length and sides are the only sections that can be altered. If the shoulder is the problem or if there is more than an inch on each side of the jacket or pants (waist) need to be fixed, you are in a mess.


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