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International T-shirt Day Celebration

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Are you aware of this? There really is an International T-Shirt Day observed annually worldwide! This special day was created in 2008 and had been religiously observed each year. Each annual event is marked by an increase in the participation of key cities in different countries each year.

The International T-Shirt Day is always observed on the 21st day of June annually. 2014 marks its seventh annual celebration on June 21, a Saturday. Falling on a weekend, this year’s observance anticipates more participation and support from various companies in the men’s fashion niche.

The date chosen for this event is the usually the day which ushers the summer season and the longest day in the year. This is to ensure a fun observance and wide participation from T-shirt lovers, designers, brands, companies and manufacturers globally. Needless to say, summer is the best time to wear tee-shirts to school, work or at home.

2014 encourages expression, through the tee-shirts worn, of the person’s personality and beliefs. This continues the 2013 theme, “My Shirt, My Voice,” where tee-shirts are speak for its wearer. It also supports the belief that there is always a story behind every tee-shirt designed, bought or worn.

Consequently, the tee-shirt is at the gateway of becoming a personalize clothing and a statement of fashion for the individual wearing it. Thus, 2013 marked the change in the tee-shirt which is considered ready-to-wear and inexpensive clothing. International activities undertaken include:

  • Competitions on tee-shirt design;
  • Events organized in Boston, Berlin, Oslo, Kiev, Prague, New York, Zwolle, Manchester, Barcelona, Greensburg, and Leipzig;
  • Blog safari;
  • Open runways or catwalks open for all who wants to model their favourite tee-shirt or t-shirt collection;
  • Online events, campaigns and giveaways;
  • Tee-shirt day parties;
  • Tee-shirt swapping;
  • Donating tee-shirts;
  • Clothesline with tee-shirt display at parks;
  • Open houses sponsored by men’s fashion retailers;
  • Tee-shirt markets in public parks;
  • Participation in social media through articles of love for tee-shirts and tee-shirt stories;
  • Do-it-yourself events and gatherings;
  • Availing of tool kits for the special day;
  • Wearing tee-shirt the whole day;
  • Contribute photos and videos on the spectacular day’s festivities; and,
  • Promotion of tee-shirt brands and companies engaged in men’s fashion.

In 2015, International T-Shirt Day will be on June 21, 2015, a Sunday. If you can’t catch this year’s festivities, being just three months away, you can always start preparing for the next year’s event! So get that paper and pen, and start designing your unique tee-shirts!


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