Friday, April 11, 2014

Fashion For Men : Modelled By Studio-Based Newscasters

Posted by Alex Perkins at 8:15 AM

Check any television station during its news time.  See the similarity?  All male studio-based newsman wears a custom suit!   Now, take extra attention to the design.  You may check this out with other stations or on the next day’s news edition.  Have you observed how they rarely, if not never, repeat the same custom suit?

This is a fact for all media people appearing on national television regularly.  From make-up to custom suit, they are sponsored by many business establishments.  This is evidenced by the acknowledgement section at the end of each show or the companies they thank during the show.

If you ask me, studio-based male newscasters are the right models for menfashion.  Advertising through popular media personalities and high rated shows guarantee a wide advertising exposure.  And as there are many of these men with different body built, a clothing company can surely get media mileage for their new designs.

But why do male newscasters always wearsuits? In highly developed and first world countries, suits are their normal working clothes.  It is also perfect for the climate in their country.  Taking a quick look at the history of suits, you’ll find them of British origin.

In other countries, though not a traditional formal attire for them, they wear suits to add credibility to their profession.  And even if the country may be tropically warm, offices maintain a certain degree of cool temperature.  The low temperature is for the proper maintenance of the various machines used.

Formal fashion for men is synonymous to wearing suits.  Men in suits exude a certain degree of power which demands the highest form of respect.  Worn by a man with good physique, like the famous James Bond character, it also has the power to radiate with sex appeal.

Most fashion shows, anywhere in the world, focus on women fashion.  Men fashion is included in such shows but remain a minor event.  Though not as prevalent as women fashion, fashion for men clothing had undergone a gradual change through the centuries.

But fashion is not limited to formal wear.  With the relentless creativity of designers all over the world, fashion covers almost all locations and occasions.  The usual weather dictated clothing had widened its horizon to cover fashion on occasions.  Come to think about it, there is not much difference between women and men fashion.  Fashion, be it for men, women or children, remains the latest news for the day.


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