Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fashion and Style : What it really means?

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The only permanent thing in this world is change. Your choice of music changes, your favorite color, favorite food and your choice of clothes also change. And most of the time, these changes are beyond our control. A concrete example of a constant changing thing in the world is fashion trend. Skinny jeans, high waisted shorts, skater skirts ,animal printed clothes, floral blouses, loose tops and a lot more. It’s actually not a requirement to follow what is trending in the market because we can always have our own style. Can you just imagine how a place will look so funny if all the people in it has the same kind of clothes? It’s still better to have a unique style of dressing up.

Why would you force yourself to wear things that doesn't really describe who you are? To be part of a group? Or to avoid being judged?  Wrong reasons people have. The community wont hate you just because you don’t blend in well in the fad neither will they push you away because you have a weird fashion statement. Not because you wear the same kind of clothes necessarily means that you’re accepted by the community. It's still about the attitude and personality you have. Just like in a group of friends. You’d choose to have real unfashionable people around you than to have the greatest Fashionista's who are fake in personality. Imagine someone wearing a miniskirt where she has to sit properly the whole time when she was used to wearing jeans where she can sit comfortably all day long or a young lady trying her best to walk with a 5 inched heel when all she uses everyday is a flat snickers. Loving who you are and being yourself is the essential key for having the greatest fashion of them all.

Brand, color, style, price things people consider when looking at clothes but what is important when it comes to clothes is having a great interest in a particular style and love what you wear. Basically, this is called Passion. We should love what we wear, we should know what we want and we should have the guts to show the world who we really are through the clothes we wear, clothes to express what we actually feel everyday and we can know a person based on how she carries or wears different apparels of clothes. 


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