Monday, November 25, 2013

Trust Unconditionally : How to Build Trust?

Posted by Alex Perkins at 9:07 AM
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Things happen unexpectedly. The person you least expect to make fun of you can do it. Actually, everybody is capable of. You have to be ready to accept the unexpected things and embrace them with your whole heart. For example, a t-shirt being ripped, you cannot put it back to its original look. You can stitch the damage but the marks of the thread as it fixes the broken shirt is still visible. Similar to trust , when its broken, its somehow impossible to put it back to its original strength. As we all know, trust is essential to every relationship we may or will have in our lives.

Love without trust is like working in the office with a partner that once committed a crime in his past work. Yes you’ll always want to give him the second chance everyone deserves, however, the fear that he might do the same crime again may stop you from doing so. He might cause you trouble so you’d rather not have him. But I guess pushing the robber away of something did wrong that destroyed his reputation won't help. Instead you can just stay with him all day in the office , still being cautious of what he can do  and helping him control himself. Let him gain your trust again, let him prove his worth, let him make you see how he can change himself for the betterment of everything. All of us commits or does things we did not think about, that's why we end up having regrets. We end up hopping that we did not do what we did. But is it really too late to make things right? Yes we can't change what already happened but we can make today and tomorrow much more meaningful, making the past insignificant. Our past is there to be a reminder that we should not do the same mistakes again. Having the worst past doesn’t give you the right to play with the people in your present’s feelings neither should it take away from you the right to be happy just because you’re scared. Forget about the past , live happily your present and plan accordingly your future.

The shirt with the stitch will not look as good as new but if we really love that shirt, we can work things out. We can do something to make it presentable even with the mark of it being broken. Maybe broken trusts can still be repaired after all. Maybe the needle and thread that will be used to fix it is called time and space in the real world. 


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