Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lesson For The Boys : Treasure Her

Posted by Alex Perkins at 6:59 AM
Every girl is special in her own little ways. She has mannerisms, there are words you can only hear from her and there are things that only she can do. Women are made amazingly by God and all of them should be respected. All of them should be taken care of because they are very fragile that even a word can break their heart. Though they are fragile, they always manage to be strong whenever facing circumstances. They always manage to smile even if everything is turning wrong. And they can say positive things even if everything that is happening to them makes them feel too much pain inside.

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                When she says she loves you, she really does. And she looks forward on the days that there will be something special between the two of you. She'll never ask you to be perfect, she'll never require you to be with her the whole time, she'll never ask you to buy her stuff and she will not ask you to take her places too far. What she will expect from you is to accept her imperfections perfectly so that things would work out, even if you have limited time together, she wants every seconds spent with you memorable having memories that will forever stay in your hearts. You should remember that material things are good but efforts will always be better. Take her somewhere expensive while you have your mind floating elsewhere - that cannot beat the happiness she will feel if you take her to a simple place assuring her that all time spent is worth it. Whenever you ask her out, believe me she spends minutes in front of the mirror trying to find the perfect outfit, trying to wear something that you would appreciate, trying to look her best. When you see her, try to find time to compliment her. Regardless of the style of the clothing she’s wearing, whether she is wearing a formal wear or a dress or a simple shirt, she took some time to think if she is wearing the right outfit.

                Treasure her while she is there, never do something that will break her heart because she can play stupid for awhile and stay with you but when she realize what you did, she’ll dump you eventually. Never tell lies as she will definitely believe you. She trusts you even if it breaks her heart and never make her expect because disappointments will deeply hurt her. Treasure her when because you will definitely miss her when she’s gone.


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